Refund Policy

In the very earliest days of JDonate, we were doing only large Christmas Room fundraisers. My goal then -- and still is today -- was to build a way for groups to raise money without having to invest up front in any costs. Back then, all donations went directly to the group and the group would split the first $400 gross with our organization. After $400, there were no charges, i.e. our max fee was $200. I would invoice the group for our fee once their fundraiser had raised at least $400. In actual practice, I usually waited until the end of their campaigns to figure out charges.

That's still my philosophy.  If JDonate isn't a good fit for your organization, just let me know and I'll make it right.

Here are our guidelines:

1. If you're on a scholarship for any level of JDonate, that amount will not be refunded to you or your group.  We'll simply cancel your trial and apply those funds to another group.

2. No refunds on $5 fundraisers if you've raised more than $10. 

3. No refunds after a fundraiser is over.

4. Subscribers and Elite partners -- if you're not happy, I'm not happy. But you gotta let me know.  Only the current month's subscription is refundable. And you've got to talk to me so that I understand exactly what the issues are. JDonate isn't for everyone, and if it's not a good fit, I'll make it right. If you haven't been able to raise at least twice the cost of your subscription, I'll refund your full subscription.  But if you raise a bunch of money and then ask for a refund for that month, that's not fair.