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First, pick a fundraiser by clicking on one of the images below. There are three types of fundraisers.

Skip this, I already know how to do everything and I want to go to the custom fundraiser builder page.
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Want a quick but rich and interactive fundraiser? All you need is a PayPal account and the Wizard will set up your fundraiser from one of our pre-designed packages in just moments. Choose from a wide range of designs, usually themed around particular occasions. New designs added every month.

Try it out now! Just click on one of the pictures below.


Add My Photos

This is one of the easiest ways to put up a slick and engaging fundraiser! You can do a "Feed a Dog for a Day" calendar or a "Give a Dog a Bone" one (choose either the three frame or the eight frame fundraiser, depending on how many dogs you have.) We've done all the hard design work and included a super easy way for you to upload pictures to customize the calendar or the frames.  Check out these examples!

Complete Custom

Raising money for new construction? Need fencing, concrete, or backpacks? We can do that! 

All you'll need is:

1. A background. The background should be at least 800 pixels wide and can be any length.

2. Donation items. These can be anything, from bricks for a buiding progam to decorations for a tree;

3. PayPal account.

These are a bit more complicated so talk to me before you attempt one.

I already know how to do this, let's get started.