LIST: Corporations that MATCH employee donations

LIST: Corporations that MATCH employee donations

Who do your donors work for?

Sounds like a crazy question -- but it's not. A LOT of major employers will MATCH any charitable donations that their employees make.

Here's something else that's crazy -- 78% of match-eligible donors don’t know their company offers a matching gift program! And only 7% of donors at companies with matching gift programs actually submit a request? But many organizations and companies are exploring new ways to simplify matching and drive more corporate donations to completion⁠—including with matching gift auto-submission.


The fastest way to increase the total value of their donations is to find out if they work for a company with a matching gift program. A surprising number of large companies do match donations.

And guess what? It can be after the fact! The Gap, for instance, lets employees request a matching gift up to 120 days after the original donation!

USAA is another excellent employer that has a matching gift program in place. They make it easy for employees to increase the value of their donations.

So where are these unicorns? How do you find them?

The easy way:  CLICK HERE to get my list of SIXTY employers that match employee donations. 

The hard way(s):

  1. Use an online service that will find them for your donors. Cost, usually about a grand a year.
  2. Do your own research and track down lists on the internet. These links will get you started (Hint: my list in The Easy Way already has everything listed in the links below.):

Here's your actionable list:

  1. Use the easy or the hard method to get your list of employers.
  2. Then blast out an email to your donor list, asking if anyone works for these companies. Make sure your email lists out the companies you've found. MOST people who have employer matches don't even know it. 
  3.  Then ASK. ASK them to reach out to their HR department and get the match! Remember, many companies will match donations made several months ago, so make sure you ASK all your busy year-end donors.

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