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RIP, Amazon Smile program

By now, pretty much every rescue group and charity has heard the news -- the Amazon Smile program is going away.

How bad does it hurt? And what can you do?

For some small rescue groups, the Amazon Smiles program represented a substantial chunk of change. Those checks paid for spay/neuters, routine medical care, and everything else that goes into running a rescue.

Other groups, not so much. Maybe they didn't push the program as much. Maybe their donor program is smaller. Whatever the reason, they're not as worried about losing money from the termination of the Smile program.

First, don't forget this -- Amazon is sending each participating group a check worth a couple of months of normal donations. Second, the Amazon Wish List program remains in place.

To replace some of that Smile money, check out these options:

1. Doobert. This online pet food and supplies company donates FIVE PERCENT of your purchase to the group you designate. Create an account for your group today!

2. Max and Neo. The ultimate pet supply BOGO. For every item you buy, the company will donate the same item to the group your choose.

3. Amazon Affiliates/Stores. (I've saved the best for last.) Sign your organization up for the Amazon affiliate program. You can pull an affiliate link for any product that Amazon offers and send that out to your group, and earn a commission on every item sold. You can also open an Amazon Store and keep it stocked with supplies you know your supporters need and want. Sure, it's not as painless as the Smile program was, but it's definitely worth putting in the time. (I know, right, right, during all that free time you have.)