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Pick a template, like this calendar.

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2021 June

Pick a template, like this calendar.

Personalize it with photos of dogs who need help.

Feed little Veronica pup for a month! Hint: Great photos make all the difference!

 Veronica empty calendar

Add your PayPal address and the dates for the fundraiser.

Easy, fast setup. You can schedule to start now or at some time in the future. Set up a whole year of fundraisers at once, if you want to

Veronica Calendar details setup

Add your PayPal address and the dates for the fundraiser.

Ask people to feed the dog for a day!

Supporters pick out dates with special meaning to them, and dedicate their gift to a loved one.

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Veronica is fed for the entire month!

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Who Is It For?

New Charities

We're a very small group and can't afford any marketing. All we do now is put up fundraising appeals and beg for donations. How can you help us?

Animal Rescue Group Director
Growing Charities

We're doing pretty well but really need some more advanced operations so we can expand our capacity. Our part time fundraiser isn't enough anymore.

Director, Youth Sports Program
Established Charities

We're behind the curve in using technology to grow our outreach and expand our mission. We have a development officer but we'd like to scale up without adding more staff.

Operations Officer, Homeless Shelter


Your own fundraising campaigns will depend on many factors, some of which are out of your control. It'll also depend on how much effort you put into the program. Here's the one thing that's certain: if you don't try it, it won't work. 

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