Traditional Fundraisers

Treat your donors like 

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instead of

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Your donors want to:


Shouldn't you let them?

Show your donors the vision. Let THEM choose THEIR parts.   
One brick. One meal. One day of medicine.
Build tomorrow together, piece by piece.
With JDonate.

JDonate is a Wordpress Plugin and Joomla Component that lets your donors say, "I want to buy three pieces of sheet rock to go RIGHT THERE and I want to dedicate this donation to my Mom." With JDonate, you upload any custom background  -- a Christmas room, a blueprint, a picture of your kennel or shelter -- and your donors select exactly which items to donate and where the items should go on the picture.  

  • Blueprints
  • Holiday Rooms
  • Collages
  • Physical structures
  • Anything 
How It Works

Download JDonate

this one smaller block onlyJDonate is available as a Wordpress plugin and a Joomla component. If you're interested in a standalone html version, please contact us. 

Download JDonate

Select A Background

Add Items

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Design an assortment of items your donors will place on the background. Use your own images or choose one of our image packages. 


Add Items

Set The Stage

The easy user interface lets you decide exactly where each item can be placed to complete the picture. Easily clone items so you have multiple items and locations to place. So many choices for your donor!

Donors Fill The Room

Your donors choose which items to use to decorate the room and exactly where it will be placed on the background. After they'd decorated the room, they'll be asked to upload a dedication and a photo dedication, which will be displayed for everyone to see.  

Donors Fill The Room

Your imagination is your only limit. And if that fails, grab one of our preconfigured image packages!

For online support and our pre-designed image packs, you'll need a subscription. 

One Month


One month subscription to email support and graphics packages

Three Months

$150/3 months

Three month subscription to email support and graphics packages

One Year


One year subscription to email support and graphics packages

Our Innovative Fundraisers Have Been Featured In....

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Your own fundraising campaigns will depend on many factors, some of which are out of your control. It'll also depend on how much effort you put into the program. Here's the one thing that's certain: if you don't try it, it won't work. 

Subscribers have access to all packages and support via our ticketing system.

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